Spay/Neuter for Cats

Please come to any of our Spay/Neuter Clinic Events to Get a Voucher for your cat to be fixed at our local vet. The voucher covers $40.  There MAY be other costs if the animal is older, pregnant, cryptorchid, etc.

You will schedule the appointment for surgery directly with a local vet.

Must Meet Residence, Income, Age, and Size Requirements

Available At Our Mobile Clinics

No appointment is required for the following low cost or free cat services at our mobile clinic – just come on down. Remember to bring your cat in a cat carrier for everyone’s safety!

Micro Chip

Helps your cat get back home if he/she is lost

Low Cost Shots

Vaccines prevent serious diseases

License Your Pet

It is illegal to have a cat over the age of 4 months without a license.If your pet is lost and ends up in a shelter, it will help your pet be returned to you.

Please see the city of Long Beach Website for licensing requirements.

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