24 Hour Parvo care & Treatment

The Fix Project, Parvo ICU Animal Hospital, LONG BEACH, CA 90813


Compassionate Care

Meet our Fabulous Parvo ICU Team.  We dedicated a section of our clinic to provided our new PARVO ICU Room. We have skylights for natural light, Television/Music to keep your pet entertained even when feeling down, warm heaters and Soft Blankets. We also have a bathing station in the room to keep clean and feeling fresh.

Experienced Veterinarians

The Fix Parvo ICU is a full-service practice the provides a personalized, comprehensive approach to the healthcare of your pet. Our staff is committed to superior service offering sound medical advice and treatment plans.

We have a strong Veterinary team that covers a wide range of expertise from Shelter work, General Practice to 24 ER Hospitals.


A Personal Approach

Our healing hands are here to care for your pet throughout their stay. We welcome visitation with your Parvo pup to encourage with the process to keep them in better sprits and encourage eating/drinking when ready.

Are Team has been working with Parvo for 25 plus years , its our passion to fight for the ones in dire need with Parvo. We offer in house treatment and outpatient.

The best care for your best friend!

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