Vaccine Information

We are not currently offering Vaccine Clinics. You may add vaccines onto your existing appointment while your animal is in for surgery.

We are NOT scheduling any “Vaccine Only” appointments at this time.


DHPP (Annual Vaccine for Distemper/Parvo)

First Vaccine at 8 weeks and 2 boosters 3-4 weeks after and 6-8 weeks after until they have had all 3.  If you do not follow this schedule, then you have to start over.


Bordatella (Annual Vaccine for Kennel Cough-if your dog goes to the beach, park or daycare a lot, it is recommended to get a booster every 6 mths)

First Vaccine at 3mths +


H3N8 (Vaccine Influenza for Dog Flu-if your dog goes to daycare, this is usually required)

First Vaccine at 3mths+ and booster 3-4 weeks after

FVRCP (Annual Vaccine for Panleuk, Calici and Rhinotraceitis)

First Vaccine at 8 weeks and 2 boosters 3-4 weeks after and 6-8 weeks after until they have had all 3.  If you do not follow this schedule, then you have to start over.

FREE Microchip: This helps you find your pet if it is lost.  Make sure you take the # you are

given and  register it at TODAY!!!!  If you move or change numbers, make sure you update it on their website.  (FREE, but we ask you to donate $20 if you can)


Rabies (Annual Vaccine required to license your dog/cat)

First Vaccine at 3mths+ which is good for a year, the 2nd vaccine is good for 3yrs and each booster is every 3yrs after.



If you see white dots or things that look like rice in their poop, these are worms.

You don’t always see them.  If you puppy/kitten has never had a dewormer, it is a good idea to get one.  If your dog eats poop it is a good idea to get one) (We have Troncil Plus which is generic for Droncil)

Dog Dosage Small: 2-4lbs: ½ tab;    5-7lbs: 1 tab;     8-12lbs: 1½tabs;      13-18lbs+: 2 tabs;      19-23lbs: 2½tabs

Dog Dosage Medium/Large: 26-30lbs: 1 tab;     31-44lbs: 1½tabs;        45-60lbs+: 2 tabs

Dog Dosage Xtra Large: 45-60lbs: 1 tab;      61-90lbs: 1½tabs;        91-120lbs+: 2 tabs

Cat Dosage: 2-3lbs: ½ tab;      4-8lbs: 1 tab;      9-12lbs: 1½tabs;       13-16lbs+: 2 tabs


Flea Medication

If your dog/cat is very itchy or you see little black spots on them, these are usually fleas.  The flea medication is topical.  You put large dots of it from the top of the neck down the spine, but not so far that they can turn around and lick it off.  Do not bathe for 3 days after.  You can bathe in blue dawn dish soap (put a ring of it around the neck as high up as possible and soap all the body.  If you can, let sit for 5-10 mins, rinse and repeat.  If not, just rinse and once dry, apply the flea medication.  If your pet has a really bad infestation, talk to us about Capstar. (We have Provecta and Saviour which is generic for Advantage II)

Flea Medication comes in the following weight classes:

Small Dog (3-10lbs)  Medium Dog (11-20lbs) Large Dog (21-55lbs)  Extra Large Dog (55lbs+)

Kitten (1-5 lbs: use ¼ of a Small Cat Dose)  Sm Cat (5-9lbs)Large Lg Cat (9lbs+)

We do not offer heartworm medication-please contact your regular veterinarian for information and heartworm testing.

*** I understand that receiving vaccinations for my pet comes with potential adverse effects. I am aware that such a risk is present, and am willing to accept it. I understand that any reaction that occurs is a result of my pet’s own immune system, and is not the fault of the The Fix Project, veterinarian or technician that administered the vaccination. I also understand that I am responsible for any charges incurred for the treatment of any such reactions and should seek immediate help from my regular veterinarian or animal emergency room.


If it is outside of our normal business hours and in case of emergency call your local animal emergency room.

Long Beach Animal Emergency: 4720 Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach  (562) 735-5200

VCA Lakewood Animal Hospital: 10701 South St, Cerritos  (562) 926-3600

VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center: 15926 Hawthorne Blvd, Lawndale  (424) 205-5184

BrightCare Animal ER: 26012 Marguerite Pkwy #O, Mission Viejo  (949) 716-9270

Animal-AM Emergency Clinic of Pasadena: 2121 E Foothill Blvd, Pasadena  (626) 578-1725

Access South Bay: 2551 W. 190th St, Torrance  (310) 320-8300