Animal Overpopulation

We have an enormous animal overpopulation problem in the United States. Thousands of animals (cats & dogs) are euthanized (killed) at county animal shelters each year.

In Long Beach and Southern California, most of these animals are chihuahuas and pit bulls. By fixing (sterilizing) your animal, you will eliminate the chance of your pet getting pregnant or getting another animal pregnant.

We have fixed over 5,000 animals since our first spay/neuter event in June 2013 and are already starting to see huge reductions in the number of animals coming into our local animal shelter.

It is Healthier For Your Pet to be Fixed

  • Fixed Pets Live longer
  • Male Cats will not spray as much
  • Dogs will not roam away from home as much to find a mate
  • Feduced risk of Cancer and Other Serious Health Problems

Unfixed Pets are ILLEGAL in Long Beach

As of October 2015, Long Beach has a mandatory spay/neuter law. Cats must be fixed by 4 months old and dogs must be fixed by 6 months old.

If you are caught breaking this law, there are hefty fines.

Our Shelter Numbers are Down!


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